We provide safe and fresh fishery resources to market in all parts of the country!

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Trade name
Yonkyu Co., Ltd.
Representative President Kouzo Kasaoka
2-318-235, Tsukiji-cho, Uwajima city, Ehime
26 April, 1963
Paid-in capital
Sale of Fresh Fish
Sale of Feed
Production and Sale of Farming Hatchling
Partner bank
Iyo Bank
Ehime Bank
Kagawa Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank
Subsidiary Company
Kaisyo Co., Ltd.
Yonkyu Transportation Co., Ltd.
Hiburijima Aquamarine LLP
Western Japan Yoman Co., Ltd.
Affiliated Companies
Fishery Cooperative and farmers in the whole country
National Central Wholesale Market


Since our establishment in 1961, we have been approaching farming business aiming conversion from “catching-fishery” into “raising-fishery”.
On April 26 in 2013, we reached 50 years since our foundation.

At the time of our establishment, we had started by selling feed of farming fish. Since then, we expanded our business into stocking, selling and processing business of farming fish and artificial hatching business to meet farmer’s needs.
We established the base of business aiming stable supplying of safe and sustainable farming fish.
In 1993, we advanced into Stock Listing and farming business of tuna and eel. We became company which support farming business comprehensively.(?)
We are always pursuing stable supplying of safe, sustainable and delicious fish by standing in consumer’s view and distributing to development of marine products industry in 21 century.
We are going to pursue ultimate “safety and sustainability”, “freshness”, “network” and “branding”.
Thank you for your continuous support. (/ We are looking forward to working with you.)

画像:代表取締役 笠岡恒三

Cooperate History

Foundation and Establishment of the base

April, 1963
Established Shikoku Rapid Freezing Co., Ltd. for the purpose of selling feed of farm-raised fish
October, 1974
Opened Department of Fresh Fish
March, 1975
Established Shikoku Feed Selling Co., Ltd. in Sukumo city, Kochi for selling fishery feed
August, 1978
Established Shikoku Fishery Co., Ltd.in Uwajima city, Ehime for selling fresh fish

Expansion and development

July 1982
Established Yonkyu Transportation Co., Ltd. in Uwajima city, Ehime for delivering fresh fish
May, 1985
Opened head factory and started manufacturing moist pellets
August, 1986
Opened Kagoshima Office in Tarumizu city, Kagoshima
Advanced into Southern Kyushu district
December, 1987
Opened second refrigerated warehouse of head office and Fresh Fish Processing Factory
January, 1989
Opened Tokyo Sales Office of Shikoku Fishery Co., Ltd. and Misaki Office
Advanced into Kanto district
April, 1990
Shikoku Rapid Freezing Co., Ltd. had merged with Shikoku Feed Selling Co., Ltd. and Shikoku Fishery Co., Ltd.
June, 1991
Changed trade name to Yonkyu Co., Ltd.
January, 1993
Opened Kamae Seedling Center, Kamae, Saeki city, Oita
October, 1993
Over-the-counter registered stock to Japan Securities Dealers Association
April, 1994
Opened Fresh Fish Processing Factory in Miura city, Kanagawa (authorized)
November, 2000
Opened Head of Fresh Fish Processing Factory
December, 2004
Listed stock to JASDAQ
June, 2005
Opened Osaka Sales Branch
November, 2008
Opened Hiburijima Aquamarine LLP in Uwajima city, Ehime with Hiburijima Fishery Cooperative and advanced into tuna-farming business
June, 2011
Subsidiary Kaisyo Co., Ltd.
February, 2012
Cooperated capital and business with Uoriki Co., Ltd.
September, 2012
Opened Western Japan Yoman Co., Ltd. In Uwajima city, Ehime and advanced into eel-farming business
March, 2015
Opened Western Japan Yoman Sosi Office in Sosi city, Kagoshima